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my work number that needs to be pranked ALOT!!

(if you saw this earlier, i switched to this journal just in case)


i work it cingular, and i hate my fucking job. this coworker i have drives me up the fucking wall! her name is <b>Christy</b>, and she usually works in the afternoons. she's this stupid 19 year old dumbass who sucks alot of cocks probably and since her daddy pays for everything in her fucking life, she's just working there to get the hottest new mobile shit to keep with her super-awesome booty-call image. she's a total hick racist; all she does is complain when she has to deal with "black people" at the store, and i swear to god she uses the n-word on a near daily basis. i'm not making this up. and that isn't that big of a surprise because this is Mississippi and most of the white people here are afraid of any fucking culture other than their own. but i have to sit at this fucking store with her several days of the week and listen to her jabber about how cool her fucking life is. i need your help guys!!

i can't afford to quit this job, but i want to do some dirty shit to this place and to her. if as many people could help me out as much as possible. please! on your lunch breaks, in the morning, whatever! please. call ask for Christy, fuck with her alot! it's a cingular store, so you can go crazy with it and act like you're a potential customer. if she's not there, and you get somebody else, please just say some fucked up shit about Christy. i would absolutely love to get this bitch fired so that i would never have to deal with her again. i'm glad i found this group, and i will participate in shaming everyone else's foes, but i really need soem help on this one. i'm asking for full-on craziness. i want to make her life a living hell.

thank you guys, and i look forward to the reactions.

p.s. email:angel_07 @ hotmail.com ,  aim: sublimexbadfish 

go crazy.

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