Chris (chris03) wrote in call_a_cab,

Newport pranker

As i was getting ready to head out for the nite tonight, I got what I now declare a prank phone call. The number called my cell, but appeared as "withheld." the person said they were with "Soccer Player's Monthly," a new Van Nuys, California-based magazine that features semi-pro soccer players from the Big Ten soccer regions. semi-elaborate, altho the girl semi-lauging with someone in the background tipped me off to their falsity. they thought I played for MSU, but they did know that I played on the MetroRangers & they knew Pablo.. but never said his last name. they also said that he had agreed to be flown out to Cali with a friend (paid by them) for a nude photo shoot & interview. wtf, right? anyhow, I faked semi-interest & said I'd talk to him & check on their credibility. the lady gave me her name as Cornelia Sterling & told me to call her associate Matt Matthew Alexander at 877-532-7027 to set things up. that number belongs to Alexander's Carpet Cleaning in Newport, Mich. (near Monroe). any leads as to who this could be? sounded a lil like Megan P or Hannah N, but i doubt it was either.

they knew:
- i play w/ Pablo on the MetroRangers. it's a semi-pro team, so they prolly saw my myspace.
- they had my cell number, which isn't listed on myspace or facebook, etc.
- they know i go to MSU & live near Detroit otherwise.
- they either live near or read something that advertises a carpet cleaning company an hour South of where I live.
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